Writing fiction is for Dummies

I’ve been writing short works of fiction (not on this blog, of course, everything here is as fact-based as I can muster), and I’ve now got a full six short stories up on various sites.

You can get a nice overview of the short stories over here at smashwords. Feel free to read, review and rate. They are free, after all, although this state of affairs is not going to last if I can manage to keep up the pace for another fourĀ  months.

Why four months? Well, in about four months I figure I’ll have enough to put together a collection into a single book, which will then go on sale. At the moment though, if you like science-fiction, OR, wicked mind-games, OR short humour, OR Zombie apocalypse tales, then head on over to the smashwords site, and read, review, rate.

I’m open to suggestions, by the way, so feel free to email me about any of the short stories.