iBurst USB Drivers for Linux

Got iBurst yesterday, along with a USB modem. The salesperson assured me that the modem works under Linux. Well, chalk one up to the forces of sales and marketing, because the modem definitely did not work, and the enclosed CD definitely did not have drivers for Linux. I downloaded the open source drivers (ibdriver-1.3.5) from sourceforge, but the compilation failed.

So, having “fixed” the compilation problems by means of removing the pcmcia functionality, I offer the updated drivers to the world. This iBurst USB modem driver will work under Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Redhat, CentOS, slackware or anything else that has a linux kernel 2.6 and above (including kernel 3.0). Download it here (choose your kernel).

Note that this is self-extracting script, so before running it make sure that it has execute permissions set. Please let me know if this does not work by emailing me the output of the executable. If it does work, then you can thank me in your will (of course, if you don’t own much, then just leave a comment here thanking me:)

Download iBurst USB Modem Linux driver (kernel v2.6.x)

Download iBurst USB Modem Linux driver (kernel v3.0.0)

Download iBurst USB Modem Linux driver (kernel v3.2.0)

24 thoughts on “iBurst USB Drivers for Linux

  1. Thank you for solving this problem that i’ve been suffering from for almost 2 months now. pardon me but i’m a novice in Linux. I use Mint 12 so i want to know can i run this script. what did u mean by self-extracting?

  2. I mean that it contains an archive that, when executed, will extract itself. It will then compile the driver, and then load the driver, and then start the driver. You will need all the development tools installed.

  3. Thanks in advance though I haven’t put your coding to a test, I’m trying to help a client a just found out that I can get the drivers from your blog.

    Fly WordPress

  4. Hi

    Many thanks for this.
    Going to try it now and will provide feedback. I used the DKMS driver for Precise on Mint 13 and although it connects, it’s extremely unstable and completely freezes the system. Hoping this one might do the trick. Will get back to you shortly.


  5. Hi

    So it seems I can connect without any problem.
    I set up a route with:

    sudo route add -net ppp0

    and it seems to go, but freezes the system almost immediately. Sometimes it’s a USB freeze and I can still type, but after a minute or two it’s a complete system freeze.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?
    As mentioned before I’m running Maya 13 (64 Bit).
    kernel 3.2.0-23-generic.

    Thanks in advance.

    • I’ve no idea what could be causing your freezing. Unfortunately I can only fix problems that are reproduced on my system, which is MintDebian 12 (32-bit). When I upgrade my system I’ll probably get around to making sure that it works again.

      Perhaps you can find out what the problem is by checking the output of dmesg when you plug the dongle in, and checking the syslog messages you get when it freezes.

      PS. You shouldn’t need to add a route, it should happen automatically.

  6. Hey

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I’ve uploaded my syslog output here (Only the bit after plugging in iBurst)


    Maybe you will know what’s going on there?
    I know there was a USB freeze patch for the 1.2.6 version somewhere…perhaps that needs to be added here?

    Also, I see the route IS added automatically, but all internet clients, from Links to Firefox etc, fails to find the route. Any advice there?

    All the best
    and thanks for your help

    • Unfortunately I really do not know what is happening. Based on your syslog output I’m guessing that there is an error of some sort (maybe a bit-width assumption) in the actual driver code.

      Unfortunately I’m not running a 64-bit system and have no plans to install again anytime soon; the last time I used x64 software I had a really buggy system, with even the sound drivers not working properly.

      Nevertheless, once I do get around (around December) to installing x64 on one of my systems, the first thing I’ll do is try to get my internet up and running, and hence I’ll have to fix the problem anyway.

      Warm Regards

  7. Thanks for the reply.

    I did a little bit of research on it and found parts of the error mentioned within various posts regarding general networking – seemed to be a kernel bug in 2.6, but apaprently was fixed.

    Other posts mentioned problems with the spinlock…unfortunately C is not a language I really know.

    I also found someone mentioning the problem (same as my syslog output) in relation to another network card (atheros) and this patch code was suggested:


    Do you see anything in there that remotely resembles the iBurst driver code?

    Anyways…sorry to bother you with it, but this seems to be the only place currently on the net dealing with this issue and of course would love to use the iBurst (just paid for 2-year contract) –

    If you don’t see any possible immediate solute, I will scout around, post here and there, and maybe someone will know something.

    Thanks for you help

  8. OK, so i just installed the latest ubuntu on my new laptop to find that my iburst usb modem does not have software for linux.
    I am not a linux fundi so i just downloaded your one file and put it onto the new computer, then double clicked it to run it….it gave me an error :(
    What is the correct procedure to follow? When I ran the file it said the file I chose to run had invalid characters and went into an edit mode.
    I really am a newbie at this sort of thing and was hoping your file would just install and then the modem would just work!

    • Linux doesn’t mark programs that you download as executable by default. What you should do is give the file executable permissions (possibly right-click on the file, click properties, find the option that says “permissions” and tick the “execute” permission).

      • Hey man,
        Thanks, i right clicked the file and saw it was not executable, so changed that. When I double click it now it asks to run, run in terminal or display. If i choose to run in terminal it shows for a second then is gone….not sure if anything is happening.
        If I go into the folder in a terminal window, how would I run it from there? Is there a command I should use. Jeez, i really feel like I have had my brain wiped clean…i understand dos and windows, but linux is all new to me!

      • OK, I have managed to get the software installed and the iburst modem is working!
        I had a problem where the download was in a folder that had a space in the name, so I was getting an error the whole time saying no such folder, and only the last part of the folder name was there, so I removed the space, and it installed.
        All now seems 100% :)
        NOW….I see the connection does not appear under my list of connections on the top right of the ubuntu main window. I would like to try and set this notebook as a wireless hotspot, but not sure how to do that…I thought I would be able to see the connection, then maybe share it.
        Do you have any suggestions?

        Thanks for the help so far!

        • You don’t need to see the connection under your list of connections to turn your laptop into a wifi hotspot. Setting the notebook as a wireless hotspot depends on the driver support for your wireless chipset. Doing a google search for your exact wireless chip and “Linux wifi hotspot” would probably help.

          • Thanks man….one more thing that you can maybe help me with (pretty please!), when the iburst modem is connected, I can boot into ubuntu and immediately browse the web as it loads on boot. It works perfectly :)
            BUT, If the modem is not connected OR there is no iburst reception (like at my work), then ubuntu takes ages and I get the messages “Waiting for network configuration…
            Waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration…
            Booting Server without full networking configuration…”
            Once it does boot I cannot connect to any wireless network in the vicinity…its as if without the iburst modem making a connection, no wireless connections work, once iburst is working, I can suddenly see all available wireless connections, and also connect to them. If iburst does not word due to being unplugged or no reception, then nothing works.
            What I would like is for my notebook to still be able to connect to regular wireless networks even if there is no iburst available.
            I have seen similar problems where peoples dns setting have not worked in resolv.conf, but I have checked and I do have the nameserver and nameserver set in resolv.conf.
            Is this an iburst thing, or something else I should try and look up?
            Thanks again.

  9. AWESOMENESS!!! Now my Mint13 has a working ib driver for kernel 3.2.0-32. I searched high and low, and couldn’t fix it myself. 41.4kB download from you solved it! Thanx. Now I just need to test the connection when I get to an area with iBurst reception again.

    Thanx again

  10. lelanthran, thanks so much for posting the ‘fixed’ drivers. After installing the drivers for my kernel version, 3.2.0, running pppoeconf, and plugging in the modem, I see the following in syslog:

    Jan 3 08:19:57 gd1 NetworkManager[1001]: SCPluginIfupdown: guessed connection type (ib0) = 802-3-ethernet
    Jan 3 08:19:57 gd1 NetworkManager[1001]: SCPlugin-Ifupdown: update_connection_setting_from_if_block: name:ib0, type:802-3-ethernet, id:Ifupdown (ib0), uuid: 353e15fa-f276-690c-8c3a-e7609d1d3651
    Jan 3 08:19:57 gd1 NetworkManager[1001]: SCPlugin-Ifupdown: adding ib0 to iface_connections
    Jan 3 08:19:57 gd1 NetworkManager[1001]: SCPlugin-Ifupdown: adding iface ib0 to well_known_interfaces
    Jan 3 08:19:57 gd1 NetworkManager[1001]: SCPlugin-Ifupdown: devices added (path: /sys/devices/virtual/net/ib0, iface: ib0)
    Jan 3 08:19:57 gd1 NetworkManager[1001]: /sys/devices/virtual/net/ib0: couldn’t determine device driver; ignoring…

    It looks like things are mostly working until I get the final warning message saying it ‘couldn’t determine the device driver’.

    I’m not currently in range of any iBurst base stations, so I can’t try connecting, but I do see the orange light on my modem (Kyocera model UTU03-1785D-US-A).

    Does this warning mean that something is improperly configured? Or something else?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

  11. I have Sony laptop and the latest LinuxMint kernel is 3.5.0-17-generic.
    I did install Iburst driver for linux version 3.2 and it went well. I could see the connection working well on terminal. However, when I opened FireFox, the laptop was freezed.

    I suspect that the present driver is not compatible with linux 3.5.

    I wonder if there is a update driver for linux 3.5.

    Thank you.

    • I’ll probably get around to porting/fixing it, I expect. I’m actually a little busy right now to investigate the crashing issues that people have had with kernel > 3.2 (I’m using 3.2 at the moment).

  12. Thanks a lot, I got my modem working on my Ubuntu Server installation, but I am still not able to run the script on my normal Ubuntu installation, it keeps telling me that permission is denied. My kernel version matches the script file and I am running it as root (sudo). Any suggestions?


    • Perhaps it’s downloaded onto a filesystem that is mounted noexec? Try saving the file in /tmp and then chmodding the file to make it executable:
      chmod a+x

  13. Hello Im using linux ubuntu 13.04 kernel 3.8 cant connect same problem freezing system i have to !REISUB everytime after i connect all goes well but after 3 4 seconds the system completely freezes any help appreciated have no internet without Iburst and am stuck on windows

  14. When trying to install I get the following:

    [root@localhost driver]# bash install.sh
    Extracting tarball

    gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
    tar: Child returned status 1
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    Done. Attempting to build ibdriver
    make -C /lib/modules/2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64/build SUBDIRS=/root/driver/ibdriver-1 .3.5-linux-2.6.36-without-pcmcia-1.0 modules
    make: *** /lib/modules/2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64/build: No such file or directory. Stop.
    make: *** [default] Error 2

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