I’m a researcher/developer based in Pretoria, South Africa. I’m interested in practically anything with a science, engineering or technology slant. I write (science-)fiction short stories.

You can find my CV over here. My email is lelanthran@gmail.com

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  1. Great articles,

    Came across your Andoid article from the group on the Android Developer Challenge — Sub-Saharan Africa. I agree, it is shocking and I also noticed that there went little thought and effort into this competition and I dearly hope our time is not wasted.

    I have also started porting my application to IOS, but have not yet registered as an Apple developer, but intend to. It is a bit costly though, because everything you need to develop for Apple needs to be Apple. You need an Apple computer, device and a registered developer account and if you add all the costs up it can become a bit pricey. I will let you know if it is ‘easy’ for an African developer to submit a paid app once I have done it.



  2. What I’ve decided is to simply purchase OSX and run it in a VM on my current machine. Its cheaper to do it that way than to buy Apple hardware. Last I checked, OSX can be had from the apple online store for under $40. This is preferable to outlaying a few thousand dollars.

  3. Hi,
    saw your comments about bitcoins and your almost finished book on History of Money. Be interested in it when finished. Currently researching, speculating in bitcoins. All input appreciated. Dl a couple of your si fi stories, Mine are in the majic realism genre, but been reading si fi/ fantasy past 30 yrs or more.


    • Well, I haven’t gotten to the bitcoin part yet, but you’re welcome to read it – you can email me for a copy of what I have so far

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